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My Travel Logs

Costa Rica Photo Safari on the Osa Peninsula - 2023
Indiana Salmon and the Midwest Crusade - 2023
Guat's Up - Birding in Guatemala - 2023
South Africa Birding & Wildlife Safari - 2022
Fall Adirondack Adventure - 2021
Middle of the World: Galapagos and Rainforests of Ecuador - 2019
March Magic: Nebraska Crane Migration - 2019
Around Newfoundland: Puffins, but no Labrador Ducks - 2018
Birding along the Border: Coastal Texas Trip - 2017
Total Eclipse of the Sun: Nebraska August 21 2017
Iditarod: The Last Great Race - 1049 miles - 2017
Dawn on the Serengeti - 2016
Cuba: Birds, Bath and Beyond - 2016
Southern Ocean Expedition: Falklands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula - 2015
Have an Ice Day - Spring in Alaska - 2014
Wolves and Birds and Bears, Oh My: Yellowstone and Beyond - 2013
Fish Tacos in Iceland - 2013
Midnight Sun: Warming the Arctic Chill - 2012
End of an Era (or 3) - Space Shuttle, Florida Visit - 2011
Chile: Total Eclipse, Navel of the World, and Driest Place on Earth - 2010
Counting birds with cannons, Cape May, NJ - 2010
Four Corners - California to Colorado - 2009
Germany - World Heritage Tour - 2008
Trip to the Roof of the World - 2002
No More Falcons - 2002
Millenium Ostrich - 1999
Up the Mekong - 1998
You Can't Get There From Here: Trip to the Pitcairn Islands - 1997
A Year Down Under - 1995
The Great Penguin Count on Gabo Island - 1994
A Trip To the End of the World - 1993
A Trip Along the Silk Road - 1991
Bike and Camel Safari in Rajasthan - 1987
Kath-man-du! I think that's really where I'm going to - 1987
The Salmons' European Vacation - 1985

Fun Stuff

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Cooking: Recipes and Techniques


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Close to Home

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Backyard Wilderness drone filming

My Career

Until his death on July 30, 2001, I worked with Dr. Glen R. Cass at the California Institute of Technology. As a senior scientist, I specialized in the study of effects of atmospheric pollution on cultural properties. My work includes studies of airborne pollutants in national parks, museums and archaeological sites around the world.

Complete List of my Publications

I designed, deployed, managed and analyzed samples from the Beijing Blue Skies air monitoring project that helped bring the 2008 Olympics to Beijing. We then moved the equipment south to carry out a fine particle air pollution source apportionment study to help manage air quality in the Pearl River Delta in southern China and Hong Kong.

Other work of mine involved air pollutant monitoring at the Asinou Church in Cyprus, and the Global Ozone Passive Monitoring Project.

My research projects in Poland included a study at the Wieliczka Salt Mine as well as an investigation of the soiling inside the Wawel Castle and several museums located in the historic central district of Krakow.

I spent the months of April through June, 1991 working and travelling in China as part of an extensive multi-year air pollution monitoring project at the Buddhist cave temples in Yungang, China.

I also spent plenty of time (nearly 20 years) analyzing samples in the lab and conducting field work in Southern California. Here are a few photos of rooftop sampling at Caltech. And, here are some photos from the Air Pollution Study at the New Getty Museum.