Beijing Blue Skies Air Monitoring

Coal Burner in a Beijing restaurant

DongSi Station of the Beijing EPB

Site Code = XY --- (39.830N 116.430E)

Located in "central" Beijing in an area with high traffic, shops, restaurants, etc., very near the Temple of Heaven. Located on the roof of a 1-story building pictured below. The sampler used is one of the two Caltech "baby samplers". Also shown is the shop across the street.

Ming Tombs

Site Code = OT --- (40.300N 116.233E)

The Ming Tombs are located 34 miles NW of "central" Beijing. The sampler was placed on the roof of a 1-story metorological station near the entrance to the Ming Tombs. There is traffic with heavy visitor loads on weekends, otherwise, it is in a more rural area than the other samplers.

Peking University Site

Site Code = BJ --- (39.989N 116.304E)

The Peking University sampler was located on the roof of a 5-story building. The site is 13 miles NW of of "central" Beijing on the campus of the university. Immediately around the campus is a high traffic area, many restaurants, and residential apartments. However, much of the campus is a serene park-like setting. Shown below are graduate students Lei Li and Yang Qiang.

Yong Le Dian Site

Site Code = CH --- (39.594N 116.779E)**

The Yong Le Dian site is located 25 miles SE of "central" Beijing. The area is light industrial and residential with some animal grazing nearby. During year 2000 the sampler was located on a balcony at 2nd story level just off a busy street shown in the first photo. For year 2001, the sampler moved a short distance away to the roof of another building. New coordinates: (39.637N 116.776E)

Airport Site

Site Code = NB --- (40.076N 116.583E )**

The site near the airport, 19 miles NE of "central" Beijing. During year 2000 the sampler was located on a roof of a 1-story office building shown below. The surrounding area is light industrial, airport vicinity, not on a busy street. For year 2001 the sampler moved approximately 7 km NE away from the airport. Located on roof of a 3-story building. New coordinates: (40.129N 116.634E).

Qing Dao Site

Site Code = QD --- (36.107N 120.457E)

The Qing Dao site is located 544 km SE of Beijing near the coast of the Yellow sea. The sampler was placed on the roof of a 5 story building at the "cleanest" of the Qing Dao EPB sites. The building and immediate vicinity is shown in the first two photos below. A general view of Qing Dao is also shown along with our site operator Wang Min.

Inner Mongolia Site

Site Code = IM --- (40.790N 111.548E)

The Inner Mongolia sampler was located 428 km west-northwest from Beijing. The sampler is 7 km W-SW from central Hohhot on the roof of a 2-story kindergarten building shown below. An attempt to get as far away from air pollution sources in the city of Hohhot was made. The surrounding area is quiet residencial with little traffic.