Places we've lived

We currently live in Ossining, NY.

We used to live on Hardscrabble Road in Chappaqua and had fun using magnetic paint to create a giant scrabble board on the family room wall.

We spent a year in Armonk

We owned a great house overlooking LA in the foothills of Altadena. Our favorite garden tools on the hillside acre were goats: Black and Decker.

Canberra was our home away from home in 1994-95.

We were resident associates in Blacker House for six years (1984-1990). You can find it safely nestled in the SW corner of the Caltech campus.

As an undergrad, we both lived in Senior House at MIT. Lynn was in the Materials Science Dept.

During high school in the 1970s, my family lived in this strangely painted house in St. Petersburg, FL. Other than the furniture, we didn't change anything from the way it was shown in 1961.

Long ago I used to live on 8 Mile in Detroit.

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