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Our Travel Logs

Guat's Up - Birding in Guatemala - 2023
South Africa Birding & Wildlife Safari - 2022
Fall Adirondack Adventure - 2021
Middle of the World: Galapagos and Rainforests of Ecuador - 2019
March Magic: Nebraska Crane Migration - 2019
Around Newfoundland: Puffins, but no Labrador Ducks - 2018
Birding along the Border: Coastal Texas Trip - 2017
Total Eclipse of the Sun: Nebraska August 21 2017
Iditarod: The Last Great Race - 1049 miles - 2017
Dawn on the Serengeti - 2016
Cuba: Birds, Bath and Beyond - 2016
Southern Ocean Expedition: Falklands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula - 2015
Have an Ice Day - Spring in Alaska - 2014
Wolves and Birds and Bears, Oh My: Yellowstone and Beyond - 2013
Fish Tacos in Iceland - 2013
Midnight Sun: Warming the Arctic Chill - 2012
End of an Era (or 3) - Space Shuttle, Florida Visit - 2011
Chile: Total Eclipse, Navel of the World, and Driest Place on Earth - 2010
Counting birds with cannons, Cape May, NJ - 2010
Four Corners - California to Colorado - 2009
Germany - World Heritage Tour - 2008
Trip to the Roof of the World - 2002
No More Falcons - 2002
Up the Mekong - 1998
You Can't Get There From Here: Trip to the Pitcairn Islands - 1997
A Year Down Under - 1995
The Great Penguin Count on Gabo Island - 1994
A Trip To the End of the World - 1993
A Trip Along the Silk Road - 1991
The Salmons' European Vacation - 1985

Fun Stuff

Mumu Fish Beads
Salmon with Brooms
Walking in Westchester
Urban Dare
Urban Challenge
maps and travelling
World Heritage List

Cooking: Recipes and Techniques


Team Mumu Pit Cooking: How to tell dinner from a hole in the ground.
Millenium Ostrich
Turducken A chicken in a duck in a turkey.
Of moths and men: cooking Bogong moths
Salmon anyone?

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My family tree
Snowmageddon 2010
Dog Stuff
Coho dog
Our sheep in wolf's clothing
Favorite garden tools: Black and Decker
Hardscrabble house in New York
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