World Heritage Sites in Georgia

The Historical Church Ensemble of Mtskheta

(41.85 N 44.72 E)

Mtskheta, at the confluence of two rivers and the crossing of ancient trade routes, had been settled as early as the Bronze Age. The city became the center of the Georgian kingdom, and the old capital was here until the 5th century when the capital was transferred to Tbilisi. As the religious center of the country, Mtskheta retained a prominent role. The main complex is an 11th century cathedral with a dome and cruciform plan. Mtskheta churches associated with the cathedral are outstanding examples of medieval ecclesiastical architecture and bear testimony to the high level of art and culture in the vanished kingdom of Georgia.

Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery, Kutaisi

(42.25 N 42.73 E)

Upper Svaneti

The village of Chazhashi still has more than 200 of the very original houses, which were used both as dwellings and as defence posts against the invaders.

Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands

(41.702 N 41.951 E)

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