The Rat Pile on Pitcairn Island

Ed Saul serving the raw sex organs of a fresh sea urchin. He and his wife Maddie are a couple of expat New Zealanders who now live on Raratonga in the Cook islands. When not saving endangered species, and exterminating vermin, they enjoy swimming with sharks, and natural foods. Ed is also co-owner of the boat, Te Manu, which brought the Rat Pile to Pitcairn Island.

The Rat Pile is a group of itinerant biologist/exterminators who travel from island to island around the world, killing rodents. Wildlifie Management International, Ltd - known to the Pitcairners as the Rat Pile, or the Rat Boys, or the Rat Pack is run by Brian Bell. His son, Dave, and daughter, Bizz, are part of the crew. Dave makes quite an impression: he sports long blonde dreadlocks, and is often seen shirtless and heavily armed. Below, he is seen with postmaster, Dennis Christian on Pitcairn Island.

Keith Dyett is a Pitcairn native whose parents left the island when he was young. He returned, after a long absence, with the rat pile. Keith is known as "crocodile man" - somebody says he wrestles alligators, but it's hard to tell where the facts end and the tall tales start. In addition to being an alligator wrestler of mythic dimension, he's also a gentleman and a scholar.

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