Some Day My Prints Will Come

Some places that offer prints on canvas:

CG Pro Prints

One of 4 tested by a HuffPost reviewer which claimed the service is aimed at pros. This site has more size choices, including 5 x 7. Good pricing, an 8 x 10 = $12.99. Need to make an account with name and password and use an annoying captcha script to view cropping. The spinning 3D view seemed nice, but brought my laptop speed to a crawl each time I used it. canvas weight is 360 GSM.

We ordered 2 prints from this company, a 10" x 10" and 12" x 18". We had the picture wrap around to the edges of the canvas on the smaller print which looked great, but this style won't work for all images and the 3D view helped to judge that. Overall, we were happy with the prints. The construction and solid back board were good. Pricing was lower than many other printing sites.

For stand-alone viewing, the color looks good. The colors are not as bright or saturated as the original image appears on the computer. The weave of the canvas on these prints is larger than on the canvas used by Canvas World. This makes the print look a little more grainy. We also found that the image varied depending on angle of viewing. It looks much better at some angles, and washed out when viewed straight on. This view angle phenomenon was much more pronounced on dark colors than bright, and may depend on ambient lighting, but we didn't like it.

Canvas World

This site was liked by Good Housekeeping (accurate color - good construction). They offer 3/4" and 1 1/2" canvas depth. An 8 x 10 is $60 ($42 on sale). They allowed me to upload a photo and easily have a look at cropping without making an account. Simple to use, but few choices means getting your image cropped before uploading.

We ordered 2 prints, a 10" x 14" and an 18 x 48" and loved both of them. They lack the backer board used by CGPro so you see the canvas wrapped around and stapled on the back side of the frame. This doesn't seem to be a problem for anything that hangs on a wall, however, one may prefer a backer board for a print sitting on a stand on a shelf or desk.

The colors were more saturated than the CGPro prints, though still not as bright as the original computer image. The canvas weave was much tighter, which created a different look that appealed to us, and we didn't notice any issues when prints were viewed from an angle. The cost is higher than CGPro, but possibly worth it. However, we have no idea about longevity and how well the inks will stand up to fading over time.


I like the name but haven't used them. An 8 x 10 is $44.99. Limited size selections.

Picture it on Canvas

One of the bigger makers of canvas prints. An 8 x 10 is $51.


I've used them in the past and been happy with photo books and calendars. Reviews of their canvas print service are variable and I found the sepia toned example on the order page off-putting so I didn't try any canvas prints from them. Pricing for an 8 x 10 is $69.99.

The Canvas Pro

John liked the site description. Limited sizes. Smallest print is 12 x 12. No preview online options. They offer something called mirroring for the side wrap.

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Last updated: September 26, 2017