The following quote is from Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien (from 'Kluane - Pinnacle of the Yukon', by J.B. Theberge, 1980).

"For me, it is difficult to express adequately in words the emotion I felt the first time I had the privilege to fly over this part of the Yukon Territory and see the magnificence of the snow-capped mountains, the green and turquoise colour of the lakes, the splendour of the forests, and the vastness and unspoiled nature of the landscape. It was not difficult to decide that this territory must be preserved unspoiled for future generations. I consider my proudest moment to be February 22, 1972, when I was able to announce the expansion of Canada's national parks system to northern Canada and the creation of the first three national parks north of the 60th parallel - Kluane in the Yukon, and Nahanni and Baffin Island (Auyuittuq) in the Northwest Territories. At a time when Canadians are more and more preoccupied with problems related to economics, we must never forget the need to enrich the quality of life in a nonmaterial way. By that I mean the world of nature, the world of our environment, and the world of our heritage."

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