World Heritage Sites in Cameroon

Dja Faunal Reserve

(3.25 N 13.16 E) -- satellite image

This is one of the largest and best-protected rainforests in Africa, with 90% of its area left undisturbed. Almost completely surrounded by the Dja river, which forms a natural boundary, the reserve is especially noted for its biodiversity and a wide variety of primates. It contains 107 mammal species, five of which are threatened.

Sangha Trinational

The site encompasses three contiguous national parks totalling around 750,000 ha in the north-western Congo Basin, where Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo meet. Some of the fauna found in the area include Nile crocodiles and goliath tigerfish, a large predator. Sangha is also home to large populations of forest elephants, endangered western lowland gorilla, and endangered chimpanzee.

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Last updated: January 29, 2020