Simple Pie Crust

(recipe by TheSalmons)

Here is a really simple pie crust recipe. The crust is nothing special, but it is really quick and most people are likely to have the ingredients on hand.

For two 9 inch rounds (halve the recipe if only 1 shell is needed):

Measure and put flour in a medium size mixing bowl.

Add milk to cooking oil and mix briskly with a whisk or fork. Pour quickly into the flour and mix.

Form two balls and roll each out between two sheets of wax paper. The circle for the bottom crust should be larger than the pie pan diameter to allow it to fold into the pan and up the sides. The top crust should just slightly larger than the pie pan diameter.

If the mix is too dry and breaks apart easily, add a little more oil. If it is two wet, add a little more flour. The dough can be put back into a ball and re-rolled.

Remove the wax paper from one side of the dough and invert into the pan before removing the other layer of wax paper. Shape to fit with your fingers and form a nice edge along the top edge of the pie tin. For the top crust, cut off any excess dough that sticks out over the edge.

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