Pad Thai

(recipe by TheSalmons)


Shirataki noodles are a low carb option for preparing pad thai. They are also very simple to prepare, all they need is a good rinse and they are ready to use. For best results, rinse noodles, then pat dry.

Julienne tofu and cut into 1 inch long matchsticks.

Mince shallot and garlic together.

Use a wok or large frying pan. Heat on high and add a little cooking oil. Add shallot, garlic and tofu and stir them until they begin to brown.

Add noodles to the wok. Stir quickly to keep things from sticking.

Push everything to the side of the wok to make room for the eggs. Scramble eggs in wok and then fold them into the noodle mixture.

Add tamarind, sugar, and chili sauce and stir briefly.

Add all other ingredients (peanuts, shrimp, cilantro, lemon juice) and stir briefly to heat and mix. Serve immediately.

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