Summary of Cass Group Vehicle Emission Study

Professor Glen Cass and his group sampled aerosol from two bores of the Caldecott Tunnel in Berkeley, CA, from November 17 to 20, 1997. We are analyzing the samples collected and reducing this data.

This work is funded by the Coordinating Research Council as CRC Project A-22 "Characterization and Evolution of Secondary Aerosols during PM 2.5 and PM 10 Episodes in the South Coast Air Basin".

Our Picture Book

The east side tunnel exit. Heavy-duty trucks and autos travel in the left bore; only light-duty truck and autos travel in the right bore.

Tunnel Exit Copyright (c) Caltech 1997.

The background sampling site near the tunnel.

Background Site Copyright (c) Caltech 1997.

"In the hole." Tunnel air sampling site in the ventilation shaft above the traffic tunnel.

In the Hole Copyright (c) Caltech 1997.

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