Indonesian Bumbu Chicken Recipe

(recipe by TheSalmons)


Bumbu Ketoprak is an Indonesian peanut dressing that comes in a dried brick. Ingredients are: ground peanuts, onion, sugar, salt, spices, chili, garlic, and soya sauce. I found it available at: Kalustyans. Cut off approximately 2 oz of the Bumbu and dissovle in 1/2 cup boiling water.

Chop garlic. Dice tomatoes briefly in a food processor.

De-bone and remove skin from chicken breasts. Cut chicken into thin strips and brown in olive oil. Throw in some chopped garlic.

Add: tomatoes, Bumbu sauce, and coconut milk.

Cover and simmer slowly for 1-2 hours stirring periodically to prevent sticking.

With half and hour to go, check sauce thickness. Add candle nuts to thicken and then leave with lid off to reduce the liquid levels and concentrate the sauce (stir more frequently to stop sticking).

Serve and add salt to taste.

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