Gyrlyngton, Gyrlington, Gillyngham, Girlington

0 Waleran de Gyrlyngton b: 1058 County of York, England d: 1094
 +spouse unknown

  1 William de Gyrlyngton b: circa 1094 d: 1130
   +spouse unknown

    2 Sir Henry de Gyrlyngton b: circa 1130 d: 1167
     +spouse unknown

      3 Waleran de Gyrlyngton b: 1154 or 1167 d: 1203
       +spouse unknown

        4 Laurence de Gyrlyngton
        4 Robert de Gyrlyngton b: abt 1203 d: 1241
         +Matilda Laton

          5 Stephen de Gyrlyngton
          5 Thomas de Gyrlyngton b: abt 1235 d: before 1319
           +Sabella Askeby

            6 Robert de Gyrlyngton b: abt 1260
             +Amabilia de York, daughter of William of York
               Robert served as a man-of-arms in the Scottish Wars
               during the reign of Edward II.

              7 Robert de Gyrlyngton
              7 Thomas de Gyrlyngton
              7 William de Gyrlyngton b: abt 1290

                8 William de Gyrlyngton 
                8 John de Gyrlyngton b: abt 1350-70
                 +spouse unknown

                  9 Henry de Gyrlyngton
                  9 Nicholas Gyrlyngton
                  9 William Gyrlngton b: abt 1391 d: 1501
                      William was Lord Mayor of York in 1441, 
                      Member of Parliament in 1440

                    10 Nicholas Girlington I b: abt 1436 in Dighton-j-Escrik, York d: 1466

                       11 Dau Girlington
                       11 William Girlington (William of Burnby)
                       11 Nycholas Gerlington II b: 1455 d: 1531 (Lord of Hackforth)
                         +Margaret de Montfort d: April 7, 1557 

                          12 Elizabeth Gerlington m: Thomas Grymaton
                          12 Margery Gerlington m: Thomas Mysaenden
                          12 Nicholas Girlington III b: 1508 d: Jan 10, 1583/84
                            +Elizabeth Hansard b: bef 1512, Kelya, Lyncolnshyre, England

                             13 Nicholas Gerlington IV b: abt 1535
                               +Dorothy Mennell b: bef 1542, Hackford, York, England

                                14 John Gerlington b: 1560 in Thurland Castle d: Feb 28, 1612
                                  +Christiana Babthorpe b: bef 1568 in Osgodby

                                   15 Nicholas Girlington b: 1582 Thurland Castle d: Feb 7, 1627
                                     +Jane Lambert (or Jane Christiana Calton)

                                      16 Sir John Girlington b: July 19, 1613 at Kirkby, Malham, Yorkshire, d: 1644 in Marston Moor, England
                                        +Katherine Girlington (his 5th cousin, daughter of William Girlington) b: 1617 in Southcave, Yorkshire
					Made knight, major general, and sheriff of Lancshire by
                                        Charles I on the 6th of June, 1642. While in the King's Service at Melton
                                        Mobray, he was shot in the foot. 
					He developed gangrene and died soon afterwards in Marston Moor.
					He became heir to the family fortunes after the death of his brother
                                        Josias in youth. Like all his predecessors, he was a Roman Catholic and
                                        therefore a staunch supporter of Charles I in the 
                                        English Civil War.

                                         17 John Girlington b: July 9, 1634 d: 1706
                                           +Margaret Duckett b: abt 1638, Westmorland, England

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