William Lafayette "Fate" Gillentine

My great uncle, Fate, on a burro.

Uncle Fate was born in Livingston (Overton County) Tennesee on June 5, 1911. He died in an automobile accident on his way to see his sister Hazel in Michigan. The accident happened in Ohio, during March, 1969. Fate had a very active life style. In his early years he was married to Glenna Duff who was the sister of his brother Frank Gillentine's wife, Virginia Duff Gillentine. At the time he worked at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Ohio. Fate moved to Michigan and joined the Marine Corps. He and Glenna were divorced and he later met and married Mylantha (Mitzi) Davis Gillentine. During the late 50's and early 60's Fate and Mitzi owned a motel in Oceanside, CA. In the mid 60's they divorced. Fate moved to Livingston TN and became the Overton County Sheriff until his death. During that time he had two brief marriages to Fern Mitchell and Treva Gillentine.

Fate served in WW2 on several Pacific Islands, and was also in Korea and Viet Nam.

Here is a photo of Marine Master Sergeant William Gillentine manning a 0.30 calibre machine gun

and collecting bodies during WWII:

Here is Fate and his 2nd wife Mitzi:

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