Corn Bread and Stuffing Recipe

(recipe by TheSalmons)

Ingredients for Corn Bread:

This makes 1 round corn bread cake. Alternatively, you could pour the batter into a muffin tin or other loaf pan, but the cooking times would probably need to adjusted.

Grease a 9-inch round cake pan with butter.

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well getting all the lumps out of the brown sugar.

Add egg to cooking oil and milk and beat briskly to mix.

Pour liquids into the dry mix and stir until just blended.

Pour batter into the greased/buttered baking pan and bake for for 26 minutes at 400oF.

Eat slathered with honey or use this cornbread cake to make stuffing.

For corn bread stuffing/dressing:

To make stuffing, let cornbread cool and break the loaf into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Add all other dry ingredients and mix. Add apple juice until desired moistness level is obtained. If the stuffing will be going into a bird, it should be drier than stuffing being pan-baked separately.

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